Suresh Prabhu today unveiled ‘Mission 41K’

Suresh Prabhu today unveiled ‘Mission 41K’ to save Rs 41,000 crore on the Indian Railways’ expenditure on energy consumption.

No doubt it is good move but why not there is much focus on improving existing services and giving good experience to passengers.

Few citizens have the same question and tweeted the same.

Qualities to Incorporate from “The Wall”, Rahul Dravid

It would be an under-statement to say that Rahul Dravid is an inspiration only for the lovers of cricket. The poise with which he has played cricket and the gestures he has shown outside the boundaries of the stadium not just make him an inspiring sports person but also a perfect role model for millions of people out there. In fact, it would be rude to say that he has the finest human qualities because actually he possesses God-like qualities. Be it the high or the lows in his career path, he didn’t let success get to this head and failures stab his heart. Blessed with immense talent and respect for his team members, here is why a cricket or even a non-cricket fan should look up to him as his/her role model:

  • Passionate :Rahul Dravid’s wife “Meera” was quoted saying that “If I packed only two sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He doesn’t care for gadgets, and barely registers brands – of cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat was off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed.” This just goes on to show how personally he takes his profession and love for cricket. Get to know more about him by reading his biography which is available on online shopping sites for purchase.
  • A caring son :While there may be many real life stores to support this, I want to make mention of one which touched my heart. Back in 2000, when Rahul Dravid used to play international cricket; you will find it hard to believe that he helped his mother serve food to the guests who arrived at his father’s home to see him! Actually judging by the fact that Dravid’s fans are aware of his modesty, they shouldn’t get surprised.
  • Down to earth : As pointed out earlier, Dravid is one of the few fine sports people who did not let his success go to his head and yield out an egoistic person. In an era where successful and high profile people are displaying worthless attitude, he is the one to display qualities that can bring anyone to shame. Be it travelling in a public transport or smiling back at strangers first, making time to drop his kids to school almost every day or not replying back in same rude tone; you can always count on him anytime to make your day!
  • Avid learner : While the rest of the cricketers used to chat about their daily lives in the middle of matches when they were not playing, Dravid had an unusual approach to it. Instead he used to sit quietly aside from his team and observed the other team players working so as to learn about their strengths, weaknesses and strategies. Although after the match ended, he conversed with his team mates like there’s no tomorrow! He seriously considers work as his way of worship! If you want to learn more about him, you can purchase books based on him. Buy them online at reduced prices along with the bonus of cash back using amazon coupons via
  • Obliging and considerate at same time : There are countless stories floating on the web as to how some big shot profiles made public plus their fans unhappy due to their numerous last-minute tantrums. Keep reading further to experience a gush of fresh air. A quora user “Puneet Tripathi” wrote about a real incident of his colleague. He along with others saw Rahul Dravid flying in Economy class and needless to say, a swarm of people surrounded him to get his autograph and take pictures with him. Humble as he is, he did not refuse even once but instead asked others to move to an empty area so as to not cause obstruction to the movement of others.
  • Early sleeper : When a person sleeps early and waked up early in order to have a healthy life, it display a big quality i.e. discipline. And, same is the case with him. Rahul Dravid has said that he sleeps by 9 and wakes up early to have extra time to spend with his kids as well as exercise with them. The disciplined life he leads is reflected in the way he performed and presented himself,
  • Patience :I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that no sports person can beat his perseverance and patience level. He is not known as “Mr. Dependable” for just any reason. He supported his team and exercised utmost stability even in the most critical times. Even when backlashed by others, he never showed any signs of disgruntling or spoke ill words about anyone. If you are a Dravid fan, you must have read his motivational speech on patience. If not, please read!

He never fell in the trap of comparison and undermined himself. He never showed displeasure when he was asked to serve under different roles which could easily hurt the ego of other cricketers. He kept his calm and always remained a gentleman even in the ugliest situations. Be it his track on-field or off-field, there are thousands of his real-life stories which will forever remain in our heart. And, he will continue to remain an undying inspiration for millions of people!

Author Bio:

Neha Choudhary is a content writer and content marketing specialist at Cashkaro. She is a writing fanatic and when she’s not writing, she is travelling and cooking. Being a book lover and a movie enthusiast, her mind is constantly revolving around new ideas. As a person, it’s a treat being around her owing to her jolly nature

What is the best way to dispose Indian NATIONAL FLAG(Tri Color)?

You will be touched by the love these kids have towards the nation , you will be surprised , smiling and feeling proud being Indian.Every one buys national flags and symbols in national festivals like republic day or independence day etc. but who cares after that ?
The colours of nation is matter of pride , But unconsciously we disobey it sometimes. Watch this beautiful short film to learn the real pride of colours “Rangarv”.
Do you know how to respectfully dispose our Indian National Flag ?

Actors : Aman Mishra & Abhishek Tripathi
Director : Ziddi Razan


Era of Online Shopping

Ever since technology has taken its stand in the field of Commerce, it has transformed to E-Commerce. They are rapid enhancements made every where technology could creep in. Our day starts with alarm on a mobile phone and ends with a click on Air Conditioner. Technology has coolly entwined human lives without which one feels handicapped.

The age old system of shopping is one best example of how much we are influenced and shifted ourselves comfortably to online shopping. There is so much of awareness about online shopping compared to the previous days. As most of the jobs are computer based be it to be hardware or software with tight work schedules have hardly left any time to spend with family and friends. Therefore this concept of shopping has become more significant.

‘Time’ being a precious parameter of today’s world; as everything is time bound, one has to be smart enough to effectively manage things around; like for office, family, friends and other household matters. Getting our daily commodities or needs is a task where some amount of time need to be allocated, cutting down on this time might fetch you more for the rest, therefore the best option would be online shopping.

The ease of online shopping after the evolution of online shops like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc  is enjoyed by every personal. All category products right from brush to bed is available at these stores. You would just be a click away to find those items right in front of your door the moment ordered. Apart from this the store offers big discounts; which information is found on sites like CouponKoz that displays coupon codes of thousands of online stores. Just land up here to find the right coupon for the product you need to purchase, make use of this coupon code to grab those extra discounts and pay only for the rest of the amount at the payment gateway.


  • Fashion sale: Upto 80% off at Amazon India.
  • Mega offer on clothes, footwear, watches and fashion accessories at Flipkart.
  • 60% off on branded wear at Snapdeal.

Such coupons would help us redeem some extra discounts when those coupon codes are copied and pasted in the relevant boxes during payment. Products purchased online saves lot of money than purchased offline.At the same time sometimes its tiring to open different website and search for product so the product discovery website comes into picture like, Experience this and I’m sure you would appreciate me for the draft!

Web is High on GrabOn’s New Feature – Buzz Me

The excitement is running high and everyone are power-boosted at GrabOn today with the launch of its third version – V3. The spotlight is being taken by its brand new feature called “Buzz Me” notification. Buzz Me – a feature that will allow every online shopper to have a personalized anytime notification popping-up on their desktop. Users need not register or download any app/plugin for this feature to work. This exceptional element will enhance the user experience and is first-of-its-kind to be launched in the e-commerce space. The feature is designed for today’s smart online shoppers who prefer on-the-go shopping and wants a website that understands all their shopping needs.


GrabOn’s “Buzz Me” was formulated meticulously by creative developers and UI experts to make sure that the users land the latest and best coupons and deals in a snap. A feature that does not require the user to have a browser window open and is supported by major browsers. “With this new launch and the existing database of users, GrabOn is in the process of raising ‘Series A’ funding which will be spent to expand GrabOn services to hyper-local offline space while pushing the technology to the next level,” says Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO of GrabOn.


Mr. Reddy believes that the e-commerce space in India lacks user-friendly experience and interface. He plans to invest a major share of the funds in hiring smart and creative techies. “We have also patented this new feature to avoid idea stealing,” says Mr. Reddy.


The ‘Buzz Me’ notification will be available starting July 1st to all the GrabOn users in India. “We love e-commerce and believe this new notification add-on will offer an incredible shopping experience to all our users at just one-click” explains Sylvester Simon, Chief Business Officer, GrabOn.


Effortless Shopping Experience


Apart from notifying the users about the latest coupons and deals, ‘Buzz Me’ is also infused with a clever            hi-tech wherein it will adjust automatically to any browser upgradation. Users don’t have to install add-ons or plugins time and time again. This feature pops-up at a perfect spot of your desktop to make sure that it will not hamper the workflow. Our experts built this feature keeping in mind the user’s perspective and attitude towards the acceptance roadblocks such as user privacy, browser load time, stickiness, annoying nag of ‘click me’, no subscription policy and more.


This notification was built based-on a 8-month long market readiness report that scrutinized the buying patterns of online shoppers. This intelligent feature understands the users’ buying needs and accordingly pushes the right coupon on their screen promptly to make sure that the users don’t spend much time on searching for offers. To explain better, every month from1st to 6th this feature will push-in the best and most exclusive recharge category coupons so that the major users who search their browsers to get the best mobile recharge offers need not search anymore. Now, users can get the best Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupon, Uber free rides, Paytm coupons and many more in a blink.


To add to this, ‘Buzz Me’ has a time/seasonal sensitive functionality which automatically recognizes the current seasonal sales and sends out notifications to ease users’ shopping experience. “We understand how busy the online users are and they often tend to forget the important days like ‘Valentines Day’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’ etc., so this feature will be a life-saver for our users and help them to be on top of their personal life as well,” exclaims Mr. Reddy.

GrabOn So Far:

1: 4 million unique visitors a month with an Alexa rank of 294

2: 4.3 million coupon redeems monthly

3: Estimated market value (GMV) of $80 million per year

4: Over 2300 online merchants and 5000+ coupons



GrabOn is the fastest growing couponing company in India and is one of the very few players in the market to achieve these milestones in such a short time. From a team of 6 about 15 months ago to a team of 35 right now, GrabOn is looking to expand its team to 100 by the end of December 2015. The new funds will help the company expand into various streams such as offline, technology expansion and sales.


GrabOn V3 and Future:


Mr. Reddy adds, “We will be soon raising Series A funding and will be on a hiring spree in the coming months. Our in-house data scientists have been researching for months on the right areas to tap-in the offline space. We are expecting the funds to come in by the end of September 2015 and will take on any player which is present in both offline and online space.”


Almost every Indian is shopping online now-a-days for something or the other. From small books to large LED’s people are no longer apprehensive about buying online as e-commerce companies have superb customer service and easy return and refund policies. With new payment gateways like Mobikwik, Payumoney, Paytm etc the money paid by the customer is even safer as if at any point of time, the customer is unsatisfied with the transaction he can raise a dispute which is thereafter personally handled by the payment gateway’s staff.


  1. Ebay

This American multinational company has been doing business in India for perhaps the longest period. It has a large product portfolio and a very clear cut refund and return policy. It is a site that also allows third parties on sell on its platform apart from buying. It offers new and old products both for buying.

  1. Flipkart

It has been amongst the top ecommerce sites in India due to its range of products and customer service. You can get the latest discounts coupons for it on It has an excellent range of books, music CDs, DVDs, electronics, clothes mobiles,, personal care etc.

  1. SnapDeal

This is one ecommerce sites that has reached the pinnacle of success and popularity in just 4 years. It has shown a phenomenal growth rate due to its amazing product range from clothes to electronics and quick refunds and returns.

  1. Myntra

It is one of India’s leading ecommerce site and has the most fashionable range of apparels, footwear and accessories for kids, men and women. It has the best range of brand sunder its roof and offers super quick returns and refunds.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is a US ecommerce company which is world’s no. 1 ecommerce site. Started some years back with just books, today Amazon is undoubtedly amongst the top choices of customers looking for shopping online. Every product you can imagine is available here and the icing on the cake is the top notch customer care support.


  1. Jabong

This is another one of India’s top ecommerce firms that specializes in apparels, footwear, accessories and home improvement items from top national and international brands.

  1. HomeShop18

Managed by Reliance, Homeshop18 is one of India’s oldest ecommerce firms with a huge product portfolio. Excellent delivery options and trust are some of its USPs.

  1. Freecharge

Freecharge was the revolutionary firm that introduced recharging mobiles, data cards, bill payments for mobile and DTH and getting free coupons for the amount spent. Freecharge cashback coupons are in high demand and it is the first choice of all customers.

  1. Paytm

India’s biggest mobile ecommerce website, Paytm started small with basic mobile and bill payments and today Paytm coupons are in huge demand as it is a complete marketplace with millions of products.

  1. Shopclues

Shopclues was ranked the 35th in 2011 but is now amongst the top 10 ecommerce sites and is very popular amongst youngsters. It has gained popularity over the years and is emerging at a fast pace.