Things you didn’t know about AB de Villiers

It’s been 14 years since AB stepped into this support but now suddenly he comes up with the news of his retirement. We understand that it is so hard to imagine his cricket but still we would like you to celebrate his wonderful career.

Today we will talk about the things which majority of the people out there don’t know about AB de Villiers.

He loves Food

Players now a days do everything to remain fit even if it includes tasteless diet but the fittest player in the world is completely different from others. He never says “NO” to good food but he is a fitness maniac he spend a major part of the day in gym.

In an interview he revealed that he loves seafood and pasta and in drinks, he loves red wine.

He loves singing

In his autobiography he revealed that he had a childhood dream of making a music album. He became a superstar in the cricketing world but never gave up on that childhood dream.

In 2010, he made an album with the famous singer Ampie Du Preez. The name of the album was “Maak Jou Drome Waar.”

He is best at everything

Everything he touched has turned into gold. He has also captained the junior rugby team of South Africa, not only that he is a national badminton U-19 champion. His teteammatesay that he is also very good at football.

His awesomeness is not only limited to sports, he received a national medal from the late Nelson Mandela for a science project.

He does Charity

He regularly donates a fair amount of earnings to a foundation called “Make a difference foundation”. They help brilliant but poor students get admission in good schools and universities.

Positives from this year’s IPL

IPL has brought so much for India and for the cricketing world. It is without any doubt the biggest league in the whole world where you will find all the big names participating.

Again this year, the IPL has been great so far and brought many positives. The 21 year old Risabh Pant has been the biggest positive which India will take from this year’s IPL. He was one of the three players retained by DD and this turned out to be a great decision. Pant is the highest run scorer in the group stage, the wonder boy also has the highest number of sixes.

Pant has scored 684 runs in 14 matches with an average of 52.61, and also 37 sixes.

Pant is not the only one, 26 year old Lokesh Rahul is another one, the 26 year old Power House has diverted the attention of all the pundits towards himself. He can hit any ball anywhere. No matter how good bowler you are, you will think twice before bowling to him.

Another good thing which has happened is that many players have regained their forms. Whole Indian team collapsed after the Champions Trophy final and many were unable to find their way towards form but IPL has brought the form back in their lives.

Notable names here are MS, Shikar and Raina who are back in form because of the IPL.

Another positive, actually the biggest positive is that this IPL is not dominated by the spinners. Which was the only thing India was lacking. But now you will see that batsmen are playing Rashin and Narine more comfortably, and the biggest example is of Imran Tahir who is being dropped from the team and replaces by Ngidi.

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Reasons why Sunrises Hyderabad have been phenomenal in this year’s IPL

Agree or not but they are the most balanced side in IPL this year. You can make your side strong by spending millions but it takes intelligence and proper planning to make your side balanced.

And there is no side more balanced than the Sunrises Hyderabad. Although they don’t have big hitters like Gayle, AB or Miller in their team but they have the most sensible and mature batting line up.

They have Hales and the furious Dhawan on the top and then they have the most sensible Williamson in the middle and then they also have powerhouses in the face of Nabi and Carlos.

And this doesn’t end here, they have the most feared bowling lineup. They have the swing master Bhuwi and the most dangerous bowler in the world, Rashid Khan on their loft and the no.1 all-rounder Shakib is also there to do the icing on the cake.

Another reason is the form of Kane Williamson and Shikar Dhawan. Kane Williamson might end up with an Orange Cap this year as he already has scored 661 runs in 14 innings with an average of 60.09, and Dhawan, on the other hand, had a slow start at the beginning but he found his form on the right time. He so far has scored 437 runs in 13 innings with an average of 43.70.

They were in hot water after the ball-tampering scandal but now it seems as if the absence of Warner has benefited them. They have finished the league stages on the top and let’s see if they can carry this form in the playoffs as well.

Sonam Kapoor Being Protective about Her Life

As we all know Sonam will tie knots with her longtime boyfriend Anand Ahuja. And this is without any doubt one of the most awaited movies in Bollywood.Neha Dhupai and Angad Bedia also tied knots recently.

According to reports it’s been a while since the couple has been dating but they revealed it this year when they started to post pictures of them on their social media accounts.

When asked about her marriage Sonam replied that she is very protective when it comes to her private life and she also believes that is also might affect her performance in the films.

Soon after her wedding, she will be seen in the Shashanke Ghosh film ‘Veeray di Wedding’.

Talking about her film she said “Veeray Di Wedding is a very commercial film.”

She further added “It’s a genuine film about four women and there is no lead role. I am really excited to work with Kareena, Swera and Shikha. They are all wonderfully talented woman and actors.

“So far the films being made are specifically for woman, with related themes. Why do women-oriented films have to be hard-hitting for them to make an impact? Veeray Di Wedding is a film for women and their men too.”

As we all know that Sonam is known as one of the most sincere actresses of current time. So a week after her wedding she will also be seen at the 71st Cannes film festival because of her commitment with L’Oreal Paris.

She is the brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris, Talking about the festival she said “I enjoy everything the festival has to offer, without the pressure. Also, this year, I am looking forward to the entire L’Oreal Paris #SummerEscape experience – the beach, the Riviera, Lounging by the sear and of course, meeting the other L’Oreal Paris ambassadors.”

We wish Sonam all the luck in the world for her wedding and upcoming ventures.

“Salman and Shah Rukh are Superheroes says” Anurag Kashyap

The Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap believes that the mask does not make an actor a superhero.

His recently penned superhero film Bharesh Joshi is ready to hit the big screens.

When asked about why younger generation of actors’ not getting acceptance in the superhero genre and why the filmmakers are not making such movies, he said “I don’t think a filmmaker thinks like that. If a filmmaker is obsessed with an idea that is what drives him to make the film. He doesn’t think about rejection or anything. Our actors are superheroes without the mask. What will happen if you make a superhero a superhero? Like Ironman can’t be a Spiderman. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are superheroes. Mask doesn’t make anyone a superhero. It is a different film and has a different take of Vikramaditya Motwae.”

He praised directors who are walking on the lines of movies like Avengers, Infinity Wars, but he feared that budget will remain an issue between Hollywood and Bollywood.

“Even if we combine the budget of all the films we make, that would be less than the budget of Avengers. The English language lends itself to a larger audience like how Hindi reaches a larger audience in India.”

The superhero film will see Harsh Vardhan as the lead. Harswardan who was very excited to be a part of this venture said “It is not a quintessential superhero film like Krrish. The idea is that there is a hero within all of us. It is about action speaking louder than words, it is about if something is not right what are you going to do about it? It Is a superpower, it is a real film.”