Campaign Against HDFC Bank

Increasing the market share by targeting online users is the way companies opting nowadays.It helps them to increase engagement and customer retention too.

Taking the benefit of digital media, companies trying to fool its customer sometimes.

Talking to a human in customer care is a challenge nowadays.To cut down cost and to optimize the process IVR’s are installed which is often irritating.

Recently, Karthik Srinivasan, a Bengaluru-based digital marketer, received an email from HDFC bank on which he raised the question.

The email he received was part of HDFC email campaign which was sent to many at a time.

Through email, he was automatically enrolled into a service which he never asked or opted for.

Is it not odd to have opt-out option on a forced paid service rather than opt-in option?

He is absolutely right “Most people do not even open the mail or miss reading the fine print at the bottom”.

He initiated  Twitter Campaign Against HDFC Bank Charging Its Users A Hidden Fee Through Its Emails by deciding to tweet about it “every single day till the end of 2017” until HDFC Bank apologised.

Srinivasan is big on Twitter, with 27,000 followers.

For complete story check thelogicalindian

This is the one misleading program but there can be many which are filling the pocket of business tycoons or helping them to raise the stock values by showing growth in business on papers.

Share this post to spread awareness and always keep eye on emails it can be a money eating notification for you which we generally ignore!

MUMBAI; Customized, Socialite Divorce?

A new story emerges from the news waves of Mumbai. The divorce between art patron Poonam Bhagat, and the renowned industrialist Jaidev Shroff, the proceedings are rolling on between complications of serious, criminal allegations made by each other.

Jaidev Shroff, Executive Director for United Phosphorus was married to art patron Poonam Bhagat until October 2015, subsequently filing for divorce on grounds of ‘cruelty’, towards him and his two daughters from his first marriage.

Shroff and Bhagat, met while Shroff was in the midst of divorce proceedings from his first marriage. Both Shroff and Bhagat who were residents of Pali Hill since childhood, were married in 2005.

                                 Poonam Bhagat and Jaidev Shroff

Eleven years later, in what seemed a happy marriage serious allegations started to fire. On the 4th of April, 2016 it was Shroff who made the first move by filing a First Information (FIR) alleging that Bhagat performed black magic on him, by poisoning him, with a magic potion which is contrary to Section 328 of the Indian Penal Code.  On the 16th of April 2016, Shroff produced further evidence in both audio and video format in proof of Bhagat’s cruelties, including a CD with the conversation of Bhaghat and the Baba who provided her with the magic potion, at his first court hearing. Shroff then posts an urgent interim plea, pleading the court to ban Bhagat from entering their home in Pali Hill.

Taking a counter action, Bhagat then on the 20th April 2016 files for an anticipatory bail (ABA) against these charges, and returns another application filled with allegations. [Bhagat accused Shroff, according to her, his allegations of poisoning were false. With the latest update, it is made aware now that on the 27th of April 2016, the police had summoned Bhagat and her mother, to file their defence to the false allegations.]
In her anticipatory bail, Bhagat has also charged Shroff of the serious criminal offence of domestic abuse, saying that it wasn’t a recent problem but that it has been an ongoing issue for eleven years, from six months into their marriage. However in continuation to the timeline and the facts provided, by the 22nd of April 2016; A court order from the Family Court is issued to ban Bhagat from entering their villa. Bhagat then, later moves to Bombay High Court with an appeal against the order of the Family Court.

By the month of June, Bhagat then finds herself in more trouble, where a director at the UPL, Kishore Chandiramani files a case against her for criminal breach in trust, in handling a four crore art installation. Poonam Bhagat’s sister was also accused of stealing art worth Rs.100 Crore from her husband’s company and then she took forceful possession of their mother’s bungalow. Later into this story however she alleged that Poonam had locked her in the house and that she had assaulted her.

After obtaining a court’s permission to re-enter the Bungalow to collect personal belongings, Bhagat visits her house in Pali Hill, she was allowed a three-hour time period to collect her things but soon after fifteen minutes, Poonam was seeing to be leaving the residence claiming that her possessions were messed up and that her jewellery were missing.

Consequently, with given facts of the story, the knowledge is that there happens to be a now infamous divorce case between an alleged domestic abuser and an art-business fraud, the case hearings are still continuing, in hopes that justice is met, let us await more news on this developing story.



Suresh Prabhu today unveiled ‘Mission 41K’

Suresh Prabhu today unveiled ‘Mission 41K’ to save Rs 41,000 crore on the Indian Railways’ expenditure on energy consumption.

No doubt it is good move but why not there is much focus on improving existing services and giving good experience to passengers.

Few citizens have the same question and tweeted the same.

What is the best way to dispose Indian NATIONAL FLAG(Tri Color)?

You will be touched by the love these kids have towards the nation , you will be surprised , smiling and feeling proud being Indian.Every one buys national flags and symbols in national festivals like republic day or independence day etc. but who cares after that ?
The colours of nation is matter of pride , But unconsciously we disobey it sometimes. Watch this beautiful short film to learn the real pride of colours “Rangarv”.
Do you know how to respectfully dispose our Indian National Flag ?

Actors : Aman Mishra & Abhishek Tripathi
Director : Ziddi Razan


PM Modi & Imran Khan

Last night at London’s Wembley Stadium Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a shout out to Imran Khan, a teacher from Rajasthan while talking about his idea of India, . PM loves the contribution done by Mr Khan.

Imran s a 37-year-old teacher tirelessly pursuing the task of making education more accessible to everyone through digital media. Though he teach Sanskrit & is an employee of Rajasthan government, he developed over 50 free apps on subjects such as GK & English for Android users.

“In Rajasthan’s Alwar there is a man called Imran Khan. He has made 50 mobile apps. And Alwar’s Imran Khan dedicated those apps to the students for free,” Modi said in London. “My India is in that Imran Khan from Alwar.”

Khan says . “I am Imran Khan, a teacher in Sanskrit Education Department from Rajasthan. GKTalk is my web portal for educational purpose to provide a support to Hindi medium students,” he writes on his web portal.

Apps have basic design and fairly basic content. Almost all of his apps on the Play store have a rating of four stars or more. Shahid Phatan  who tried the app called Indian Constitution, writes in his review, “Juberdast app So helpful and great valueabl for any person and civilians. What different person and civilians read this constitution of india..”

Khan’s apps have been downloaded by over two millions of Android users.

Imran apparently started the software development in 2005. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Khan read some of the IT books left behind at home by his brother and he found interesting. “My younger brother, Idrees, left his books at home after he bagged a job at a Gurgaon software firm. He had completed his B Tech in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Alwar. As I was free after school, I began looking up those books. I learnt HTML and designed a website,” he told the newspaper.

The conditions under which permission to shoot documentary Nirbhaya

New Delhi: The furore statement over Nirbhaya rape convict Mukesh came to the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was forced to make a statement about why permission was given to shoot a documentary.

In response to the shock, Rajnath Singh said the filmmaker Leslee Udwin challenged the conditions under which it was given permission to shoot her. Rajnath also added that the “certificate of conformity was given by the Ministry of the Home Affairs in 2013.”

The conditions, as stated by the Home Minster are:

  1. The approval of the authorities of Tihar Jail be taken to publish research or to release the documentary being made exclusively for social purposes without any commercial interest conveyed.
  2. To interview those convicted prisoners who will give their written consent.
  3. The complete unreleased material session file will be the prison authorities to ensure that no violation of prison security.

The documentary includes an interview of one of the defendants in the case Nirbhaya. “This came to the attention of prison authorities to permit conditions so on violation legal notice was issued to filmmaker in April 7, 2014 to return the previously unseen archive material and does not show the film.”

“Subsequently, the film was presented to the authorities and noted that it represents the comments was very dismissive. He also noted that the edited version was shown to the authorities and not one unedited. He therefore asked to provide more unedited version of the film, “Rajnath said in Rajya Sabha.

He added that after it came to notice of the government that the BBC 4 is scheduled to televise the documentary on March 8, 2014, the government has taken necessary legal action and obtained an injunction from the court, for not to air the film.

He said the government condemns the incident on December 16 and said he would not allow any attempt by an individual, group or organization for commercial gain.