Things you didn’t know about AB de Villiers

It’s been 14 years since AB stepped into this support but now suddenly he comes up with the news of his retirement. We understand that it is so hard to imagine his cricket but still we would like you to celebrate his wonderful career.

Today we will talk about the things which majority of the people out there don’t know about AB de Villiers.

He loves Food

Players now a days do everything to remain fit even if it includes tasteless diet but the fittest player in the world is completely different from others. He never says “NO” to good food but he is a fitness maniac he spend a major part of the day in gym.

In an interview he revealed that he loves seafood and pasta and in drinks, he loves red wine.

He loves singing

In his autobiography he revealed that he had a childhood dream of making a music album. He became a superstar in the cricketing world but never gave up on that childhood dream.

In 2010, he made an album with the famous singer Ampie Du Preez. The name of the album was “Maak Jou Drome Waar.”

He is best at everything

Everything he touched has turned into gold. He has also captained the junior rugby team of South Africa, not only that he is a national badminton U-19 champion. His teteammatesay that he is also very good at football.

His awesomeness is not only limited to sports, he received a national medal from the late Nelson Mandela for a science project.

He does Charity

He regularly donates a fair amount of earnings to a foundation called “Make a difference foundation”. They help brilliant but poor students get admission in good schools and universities.

Positives from this year’s IPL

IPL has brought so much for India and for the cricketing world. It is without any doubt the biggest league in the whole world where you will find all the big names participating.

Again this year, the IPL has been great so far and brought many positives. The 21 year old Risabh Pant has been the biggest positive which India will take from this year’s IPL. He was one of the three players retained by DD and this turned out to be a great decision. Pant is the highest run scorer in the group stage, the wonder boy also has the highest number of sixes.

Pant has scored 684 runs in 14 matches with an average of 52.61, and also 37 sixes.

Pant is not the only one, 26 year old Lokesh Rahul is another one, the 26 year old Power House has diverted the attention of all the pundits towards himself. He can hit any ball anywhere. No matter how good bowler you are, you will think twice before bowling to him.

Another good thing which has happened is that many players have regained their forms. Whole Indian team collapsed after the Champions Trophy final and many were unable to find their way towards form but IPL has brought the form back in their lives.

Notable names here are MS, Shikar and Raina who are back in form because of the IPL.

Another positive, actually the biggest positive is that this IPL is not dominated by the spinners. Which was the only thing India was lacking. But now you will see that batsmen are playing Rashin and Narine more comfortably, and the biggest example is of Imran Tahir who is being dropped from the team and replaces by Ngidi.

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Reasons why Sunrises Hyderabad have been phenomenal in this year’s IPL

Agree or not but they are the most balanced side in IPL this year. You can make your side strong by spending millions but it takes intelligence and proper planning to make your side balanced.

And there is no side more balanced than the Sunrises Hyderabad. Although they don’t have big hitters like Gayle, AB or Miller in their team but they have the most sensible and mature batting line up.

They have Hales and the furious Dhawan on the top and then they have the most sensible Williamson in the middle and then they also have powerhouses in the face of Nabi and Carlos.

And this doesn’t end here, they have the most feared bowling lineup. They have the swing master Bhuwi and the most dangerous bowler in the world, Rashid Khan on their loft and the no.1 all-rounder Shakib is also there to do the icing on the cake.

Another reason is the form of Kane Williamson and Shikar Dhawan. Kane Williamson might end up with an Orange Cap this year as he already has scored 661 runs in 14 innings with an average of 60.09, and Dhawan, on the other hand, had a slow start at the beginning but he found his form on the right time. He so far has scored 437 runs in 13 innings with an average of 43.70.

They were in hot water after the ball-tampering scandal but now it seems as if the absence of Warner has benefited them. They have finished the league stages on the top and let’s see if they can carry this form in the playoffs as well.

Qualities to Incorporate from “The Wall”, Rahul Dravid

It would be an under-statement to say that Rahul Dravid is an inspiration only for the lovers of cricket. The poise with which he has played cricket and the gestures he has shown outside the boundaries of the stadium not just make him an inspiring sports person but also a perfect role model for millions of people out there. In fact, it would be rude to say that he has the finest human qualities because actually he possesses God-like qualities. Be it the high or the lows in his career path, he didn’t let success get to this head and failures stab his heart. Blessed with immense talent and respect for his team members, here is why a cricket or even a non-cricket fan should look up to him as his/her role model:

  • Passionate :Rahul Dravid’s wife “Meera” was quoted saying that “If I packed only two sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He doesn’t care for gadgets, and barely registers brands – of cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat was off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed.” This just goes on to show how personally he takes his profession and love for cricket. Get to know more about him by reading his biography which is available on online shopping sites for purchase.
  • A caring son :While there may be many real life stores to support this, I want to make mention of one which touched my heart. Back in 2000, when Rahul Dravid used to play international cricket; you will find it hard to believe that he helped his mother serve food to the guests who arrived at his father’s home to see him! Actually judging by the fact that Dravid’s fans are aware of his modesty, they shouldn’t get surprised.
  • Down to earth : As pointed out earlier, Dravid is one of the few fine sports people who did not let his success go to his head and yield out an egoistic person. In an era where successful and high profile people are displaying worthless attitude, he is the one to display qualities that can bring anyone to shame. Be it travelling in a public transport or smiling back at strangers first, making time to drop his kids to school almost every day or not replying back in same rude tone; you can always count on him anytime to make your day!
  • Avid learner : While the rest of the cricketers used to chat about their daily lives in the middle of matches when they were not playing, Dravid had an unusual approach to it. Instead he used to sit quietly aside from his team and observed the other team players working so as to learn about their strengths, weaknesses and strategies. Although after the match ended, he conversed with his team mates like there’s no tomorrow! He seriously considers work as his way of worship! If you want to learn more about him, you can purchase books based on him. Buy them online at reduced prices along with the bonus of cash back using amazon coupons via
  • Obliging and considerate at same time : There are countless stories floating on the web as to how some big shot profiles made public plus their fans unhappy due to their numerous last-minute tantrums. Keep reading further to experience a gush of fresh air. A quora user “Puneet Tripathi” wrote about a real incident of his colleague. He along with others saw Rahul Dravid flying in Economy class and needless to say, a swarm of people surrounded him to get his autograph and take pictures with him. Humble as he is, he did not refuse even once but instead asked others to move to an empty area so as to not cause obstruction to the movement of others.
  • Early sleeper : When a person sleeps early and waked up early in order to have a healthy life, it display a big quality i.e. discipline. And, same is the case with him. Rahul Dravid has said that he sleeps by 9 and wakes up early to have extra time to spend with his kids as well as exercise with them. The disciplined life he leads is reflected in the way he performed and presented himself,
  • Patience :I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that no sports person can beat his perseverance and patience level. He is not known as “Mr. Dependable” for just any reason. He supported his team and exercised utmost stability even in the most critical times. Even when backlashed by others, he never showed any signs of disgruntling or spoke ill words about anyone. If you are a Dravid fan, you must have read his motivational speech on patience. If not, please read!

He never fell in the trap of comparison and undermined himself. He never showed displeasure when he was asked to serve under different roles which could easily hurt the ego of other cricketers. He kept his calm and always remained a gentleman even in the ugliest situations. Be it his track on-field or off-field, there are thousands of his real-life stories which will forever remain in our heart. And, he will continue to remain an undying inspiration for millions of people!

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