Era of Online Shopping

Ever since technology has taken its stand in the field of Commerce, it has transformed to E-Commerce. They are rapid enhancements made every where technology could creep in. Our day starts with alarm on a mobile phone and ends with a click on Air Conditioner. Technology has coolly entwined human lives without which one feels handicapped.

The age old system of shopping is one best example of how much we are influenced and shifted ourselves comfortably to online shopping. There is so much of awareness about online shopping compared to the previous days. As most of the jobs are computer based be it to be hardware or software with tight work schedules have hardly left any time to spend with family and friends. Therefore this concept of shopping has become more significant.

‘Time’ being a precious parameter of today’s world; as everything is time bound, one has to be smart enough to effectively manage things around; like for office, family, friends and other household matters. Getting our daily commodities or needs is a task where some amount of time need to be allocated, cutting down on this time might fetch you more for the rest, therefore the best option would be online shopping.

The ease of online shopping after the evolution of online shops like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc  is enjoyed by every personal. All category products right from brush to bed is available at these stores. You would just be a click away to find those items right in front of your door the moment ordered. Apart from this the store offers big discounts; which information is found on sites like CouponKoz that displays coupon codes of thousands of online stores. Just land up here to find the right coupon for the product you need to purchase, make use of this coupon code to grab those extra discounts and pay only for the rest of the amount at the payment gateway.


  • Fashion sale: Upto 80% off at Amazon India.
  • Mega offer on clothes, footwear, watches and fashion accessories at Flipkart.
  • 60% off on branded wear at Snapdeal.

Such coupons would help us redeem some extra discounts when those coupon codes are copied and pasted in the relevant boxes during payment. Products purchased online saves lot of money than purchased offline.At the same time sometimes its tiring to open different website and search for product so the product discovery website comes into picture like, Experience this and I’m sure you would appreciate me for the draft!

Web is High on GrabOn’s New Feature – Buzz Me

The excitement is running high and everyone are power-boosted at GrabOn today with the launch of its third version – V3. The spotlight is being taken by its brand new feature called “Buzz Me” notification. Buzz Me – a feature that will allow every online shopper to have a personalized anytime notification popping-up on their desktop. Users need not register or download any app/plugin for this feature to work. This exceptional element will enhance the user experience and is first-of-its-kind to be launched in the e-commerce space. The feature is designed for today’s smart online shoppers who prefer on-the-go shopping and wants a website that understands all their shopping needs.


GrabOn’s “Buzz Me” was formulated meticulously by creative developers and UI experts to make sure that the users land the latest and best coupons and deals in a snap. A feature that does not require the user to have a browser window open and is supported by major browsers. “With this new launch and the existing database of users, GrabOn is in the process of raising ‘Series A’ funding which will be spent to expand GrabOn services to hyper-local offline space while pushing the technology to the next level,” says Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO of GrabOn.


Mr. Reddy believes that the e-commerce space in India lacks user-friendly experience and interface. He plans to invest a major share of the funds in hiring smart and creative techies. “We have also patented this new feature to avoid idea stealing,” says Mr. Reddy.


The ‘Buzz Me’ notification will be available starting July 1st to all the GrabOn users in India. “We love e-commerce and believe this new notification add-on will offer an incredible shopping experience to all our users at just one-click” explains Sylvester Simon, Chief Business Officer, GrabOn.


Effortless Shopping Experience


Apart from notifying the users about the latest coupons and deals, ‘Buzz Me’ is also infused with a clever            hi-tech wherein it will adjust automatically to any browser upgradation. Users don’t have to install add-ons or plugins time and time again. This feature pops-up at a perfect spot of your desktop to make sure that it will not hamper the workflow. Our experts built this feature keeping in mind the user’s perspective and attitude towards the acceptance roadblocks such as user privacy, browser load time, stickiness, annoying nag of ‘click me’, no subscription policy and more.


This notification was built based-on a 8-month long market readiness report that scrutinized the buying patterns of online shoppers. This intelligent feature understands the users’ buying needs and accordingly pushes the right coupon on their screen promptly to make sure that the users don’t spend much time on searching for offers. To explain better, every month from1st to 6th this feature will push-in the best and most exclusive recharge category coupons so that the major users who search their browsers to get the best mobile recharge offers need not search anymore. Now, users can get the best Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupon, Uber free rides, Paytm coupons and many more in a blink.


To add to this, ‘Buzz Me’ has a time/seasonal sensitive functionality which automatically recognizes the current seasonal sales and sends out notifications to ease users’ shopping experience. “We understand how busy the online users are and they often tend to forget the important days like ‘Valentines Day’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’ etc., so this feature will be a life-saver for our users and help them to be on top of their personal life as well,” exclaims Mr. Reddy.

GrabOn So Far:

1: 4 million unique visitors a month with an Alexa rank of 294

2: 4.3 million coupon redeems monthly

3: Estimated market value (GMV) of $80 million per year

4: Over 2300 online merchants and 5000+ coupons



GrabOn is the fastest growing couponing company in India and is one of the very few players in the market to achieve these milestones in such a short time. From a team of 6 about 15 months ago to a team of 35 right now, GrabOn is looking to expand its team to 100 by the end of December 2015. The new funds will help the company expand into various streams such as offline, technology expansion and sales.


GrabOn V3 and Future:


Mr. Reddy adds, “We will be soon raising Series A funding and will be on a hiring spree in the coming months. Our in-house data scientists have been researching for months on the right areas to tap-in the offline space. We are expecting the funds to come in by the end of September 2015 and will take on any player which is present in both offline and online space.”


Almost every Indian is shopping online now-a-days for something or the other. From small books to large LED’s people are no longer apprehensive about buying online as e-commerce companies have superb customer service and easy return and refund policies. With new payment gateways like Mobikwik, Payumoney, Paytm etc the money paid by the customer is even safer as if at any point of time, the customer is unsatisfied with the transaction he can raise a dispute which is thereafter personally handled by the payment gateway’s staff.


  1. Ebay

This American multinational company has been doing business in India for perhaps the longest period. It has a large product portfolio and a very clear cut refund and return policy. It is a site that also allows third parties on sell on its platform apart from buying. It offers new and old products both for buying.

  1. Flipkart

It has been amongst the top ecommerce sites in India due to its range of products and customer service. You can get the latest discounts coupons for it on It has an excellent range of books, music CDs, DVDs, electronics, clothes mobiles,, personal care etc.

  1. SnapDeal

This is one ecommerce sites that has reached the pinnacle of success and popularity in just 4 years. It has shown a phenomenal growth rate due to its amazing product range from clothes to electronics and quick refunds and returns.

  1. Myntra

It is one of India’s leading ecommerce site and has the most fashionable range of apparels, footwear and accessories for kids, men and women. It has the best range of brand sunder its roof and offers super quick returns and refunds.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is a US ecommerce company which is world’s no. 1 ecommerce site. Started some years back with just books, today Amazon is undoubtedly amongst the top choices of customers looking for shopping online. Every product you can imagine is available here and the icing on the cake is the top notch customer care support.


  1. Jabong

This is another one of India’s top ecommerce firms that specializes in apparels, footwear, accessories and home improvement items from top national and international brands.

  1. HomeShop18

Managed by Reliance, Homeshop18 is one of India’s oldest ecommerce firms with a huge product portfolio. Excellent delivery options and trust are some of its USPs.

  1. Freecharge

Freecharge was the revolutionary firm that introduced recharging mobiles, data cards, bill payments for mobile and DTH and getting free coupons for the amount spent. Freecharge cashback coupons are in high demand and it is the first choice of all customers.

  1. Paytm

India’s biggest mobile ecommerce website, Paytm started small with basic mobile and bill payments and today Paytm coupons are in huge demand as it is a complete marketplace with millions of products.

  1. Shopclues

Shopclues was ranked the 35th in 2011 but is now amongst the top 10 ecommerce sites and is very popular amongst youngsters. It has gained popularity over the years and is emerging at a fast pace.


India’s Ecommerce War – Flipkart Vs. Amazon

India’s Ecommerce War – Flipkart Vs. Amazon

Ever since Flipkart and Amazon acquired funding for their operations in India last July, it was quite clear that they were going head to head. Flipkart and Amazon are India’s biggest players in the ecommerce industry and are only slightly rivalled by Snapdeal. They are also notoriously known for their open rivalry which has led to many interesting events in the last few years. But of all of them, two are the most popular and entertaining events to have occurred.

The Funding War

 On 31st December, Flipkart announced that it has accumulated funds equalling to USD 1 billion. This made it one of India’s biggest investment propositions at the time. The next day it was all over the headlines of every newspaper and channel as it was for the first time an ecommerce firm that was Indian, was able to take things to such a level. Then came the next big surprise, Amazon announced a day later that they would be investing USD 2 billion in India, twice that of Flipkart. Now the news was all over the situation saying Amazon’s investment proves a direst rivalry between the two brands at a whole new level.

Amazon said they saw immense potential in India and wanted to expand and get serious in the country. To them, India was one of the fastest countries to gross a sales of a billion dollars. This investment was to set up better platforms for innovation and management in such a high potential location.

Flipkart said their goal was to be like Alibaba in China. Alibaba is China’s home online retailer and is the biggest in the country. They are so well established that they are able to stay on the top while keeping global competitors at bay. Flipkart wants to retain their number one position in India and not allow global giants like Amazon to overtake them.

The Social Media War

 February 20th this year, Twitter exploded when Reddit posted a picture of an Amazon carton laying in the corner of a Flipkart office. They posted the pic saying, “even flipkart orders from amazon” and tagged the two company’s official accounts. Shortly after that, Flikart replied saying, “we recycled said packaging as our reception’s dustbin” by tagging Reddit India. To this Reddit posted, “Flipkart shots fired, Amazon your move”.


This reply by Flipkart instigated Amazon resulting in an interesting comeback by them saying, “there’s a bit of Amazon in every ecommerce company. #just saying.” It also became a very trending topic at the time. This entire episode just goes to show the intense rivalry between the two companies and how open they are about.
What’s next?

Well that we will have to wait and see. Flipkart still remains the leader in terms of traffic and sales. Amazon is still on the path to glory and is doing everything it can to overtake Flipkart. Their rivalry is sure to bring up more incidents like these in the coming future. Both of them have immense potential to succeed and will continue to do what they must, and that is certain.

Author Bio:

Zohaib is a fun writer for the GrabOn blog who most the times talk about Zoom car promo codes in his write-ups. He is also an enthusiastic musician who has a passion for business and entrepreneurship. He loves watching movies and reading magazines like GQ and Esquire. In his free time he likes to watch reruns of Suits and How I Met your Mother. Writing about interesting and informative topics is a natural ability of his which he also enjoys doing as much.

How To Get The Best Deals and Save Money Through CashKaro

A new trend is quickly catching up in India and the trend is none other than the Goliath rise of ecommerce. It is aimed to become a 7 billion Dollar industry by 2015 and is showing rapid growth for various reasons. One of the major reasons for the growth of ecommerce is the penetration of internet in remote places as well thanks to broadband, 3G and now 4G as well making access to the internet really quick and convenient. There are over 35 million online shoppers in India and this is not a surprising figure.

People are slowly preferring the online mode of shopping as they get a variety of benefits. They get great variety on almost every product be it clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances, cars or home furnishing. There are various other benefits like Cash on Delivery and easy return policies that make Indian customers happy.

A great trend is emerging in the ecommerce sector as well and that is the benefit of getting cash back over and above deals. is a great website which offers hard cash back to its shoppers as a reward for shopping through them. works on an affiliate marketing business model and has partnered with over 500 retailers to make sure customers find great deals on every product category possible. It is India’s only externally funded cash back website and has been growing at an exceptional rate. The partners include all the major ecommerce players such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Ebay, Snapdeal, Jabong etc. to bring customers delightful deals. You can find various coupons and offers using paytm offers to get great deals on electronics and a variety of goods. Customers can also find amazing deals on food through our tie up with Dominos, FoodPanda, Pizza Hut and many more just to make sure our customers find all their requirements under one roof.

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Another great benefit is its referral policy which helps you earn cash back. Just refer the website to your friends. This will help not just your friends to save money, but will also earn you cash back every time they shop and this benefit is for life.

With so many benefits truly is an answer to all the shoppers. It’s a great choice over physical shopping as it gives users the benefit of earning cash back from the website and also helps them find the best prices thanks to price comparison. Bargains, deals and Cashback- this website has everything to offer and will surely amplify every shoppers experience!

Watched Porn:Admitted Shama Shikander

Shama Sikander Gesawat who won a million hearts, the cute TV stints years after depression has made a bold comeback!

Shama Sikhander Gesawat

This girl best remembered for her lead role in the celebrated TV series Yeh Meri Life Hai (2003-2005) reveal that for the preparation of short film ‘Sexaholic’ she watched porn, this film is directed by Shailendra Singh

In an interview she accepted that initially she was hesitant of doing the film but eventually prepared for the film and delivered.Shama said that she did a lot of research on nymphomania and its sufferings.

Watch Shama Sikander’s short film right here:

But to highlight here is that there is word for men in dictionary too  i.e.Satyriasis (also satyromania) is the corresponding condition to nymphomania in men.

A nymphomaniac is the word which signifies a woman with uncontrolled sexual desires & for men it is Satyriasis.

The conditions under which permission to shoot documentary Nirbhaya

New Delhi: The furore statement over Nirbhaya rape convict Mukesh came to the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was forced to make a statement about why permission was given to shoot a documentary.

In response to the shock, Rajnath Singh said the filmmaker Leslee Udwin challenged the conditions under which it was given permission to shoot her. Rajnath also added that the “certificate of conformity was given by the Ministry of the Home Affairs in 2013.”

The conditions, as stated by the Home Minster are:

  1. The approval of the authorities of Tihar Jail be taken to publish research or to release the documentary being made exclusively for social purposes without any commercial interest conveyed.
  2. To interview those convicted prisoners who will give their written consent.
  3. The complete unreleased material session file will be the prison authorities to ensure that no violation of prison security.

The documentary includes an interview of one of the defendants in the case Nirbhaya. “This came to the attention of prison authorities to permit conditions so on violation legal notice was issued to filmmaker in April 7, 2014 to return the previously unseen archive material and does not show the film.”

“Subsequently, the film was presented to the authorities and noted that it represents the comments was very dismissive. He also noted that the edited version was shown to the authorities and not one unedited. He therefore asked to provide more unedited version of the film, “Rajnath said in Rajya Sabha.

He added that after it came to notice of the government that the BBC 4 is scheduled to televise the documentary on March 8, 2014, the government has taken necessary legal action and obtained an injunction from the court, for not to air the film.

He said the government condemns the incident on December 16 and said he would not allow any attempt by an individual, group or organization for commercial gain.