How To Get The Best Deals and Save Money Through CashKaro

A new trend is quickly catching up in India and the trend is none other than the Goliath rise of ecommerce. It is aimed to become a 7 billion Dollar industry by 2015 and is showing rapid growth for various reasons. One of the major reasons for the growth of ecommerce is the penetration of internet in remote places as well thanks to broadband, 3G and now 4G as well making access to the internet really quick and convenient. There are over 35 million online shoppers in India and this is not a surprising figure.

People are slowly preferring the online mode of shopping as they get a variety of benefits. They get great variety on almost every product be it clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances, cars or home furnishing. There are various other benefits like Cash on Delivery and easy return policies that make Indian customers happy.

A great trend is emerging in the ecommerce sector as well and that is the benefit of getting cash back over and above deals. is a great website which offers hard cash back to its shoppers as a reward for shopping through them. works on an affiliate marketing business model and has partnered with over 500 retailers to make sure customers find great deals on every product category possible. It is India’s only externally funded cash back website and has been growing at an exceptional rate. The partners include all the major ecommerce players such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Ebay, Snapdeal, Jabong etc. to bring customers delightful deals. You can find various coupons and offers using paytm offers to get great deals on electronics and a variety of goods. Customers can also find amazing deals on food through our tie up with Dominos, FoodPanda, Pizza Hut and many more just to make sure our customers find all their requirements under one roof.

Using is quite simple. All you need to do is sign up for free with the website and you can browse through various retailers to get jaw dropping deals. Visit the retailer website through so your transaction can be recorded and shop normally only this time you will earn Cashback on your purchase. Your cash back can be transferred to your bank account after your Cashback reaches a sum of Rs 250. This is really a revolutionary way to shop. understands that Indian retailers enjoy great discounts and deals and haggling and bargaining is in everyone’s nature. We haggle with roadside vendors selling fruits, vegetables, clothes and now you can find the prices you want online with CashKaro. You get a dual benefit of not just discounts but also additional cash back. CashKaro has disbursed over 150 crore rupees in cash back which shows just how successful the website is. It has taken the trend of online shopping to another level. also helps you with price comparison so that you can browse through various retailers and compare the price of the product under one roof and this ensures you get the best deals at the lowest price at all times.

Another great benefit is its referral policy which helps you earn cash back. Just refer the website to your friends. This will help not just your friends to save money, but will also earn you cash back every time they shop and this benefit is for life.

With so many benefits truly is an answer to all the shoppers. It’s a great choice over physical shopping as it gives users the benefit of earning cash back from the website and also helps them find the best prices thanks to price comparison. Bargains, deals and Cashback- this website has everything to offer and will surely amplify every shoppers experience!

Watched Porn:Admitted Shama Shikander

Shama Sikander Gesawat who won a million hearts, the cute TV stints years after depression has made a bold comeback!

Shama Sikhander Gesawat

This girl best remembered for her lead role in the celebrated TV series Yeh Meri Life Hai (2003-2005) reveal that for the preparation of short film ‘Sexaholic’ she watched porn, this film is directed by Shailendra Singh

In an interview she accepted that initially she was hesitant of doing the film but eventually prepared for the film and delivered.Shama said that she did a lot of research on nymphomania and its sufferings.

Watch Shama Sikander’s short film right here:

But to highlight here is that there is word for men in dictionary too  i.e.Satyriasis (also satyromania) is the corresponding condition to nymphomania in men.

A nymphomaniac is the word which signifies a woman with uncontrolled sexual desires & for men it is Satyriasis.

PM Modi & Imran Khan

Last night at London’s Wembley Stadium Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a shout out to Imran Khan, a teacher from Rajasthan while talking about his idea of India, . PM loves the contribution done by Mr Khan.

Imran s a 37-year-old teacher tirelessly pursuing the task of making education more accessible to everyone through digital media. Though he teach Sanskrit & is an employee of Rajasthan government, he developed over 50 free apps on subjects such as GK & English for Android users.

“In Rajasthan’s Alwar there is a man called Imran Khan. He has made 50 mobile apps. And Alwar’s Imran Khan dedicated those apps to the students for free,” Modi said in London. “My India is in that Imran Khan from Alwar.”

Khan says . “I am Imran Khan, a teacher in Sanskrit Education Department from Rajasthan. GKTalk is my web portal for educational purpose to provide a support to Hindi medium students,” he writes on his web portal.

Apps have basic design and fairly basic content. Almost all of his apps on the Play store have a rating of four stars or more. Shahid Phatan  who tried the app called Indian Constitution, writes in his review, “Juberdast app So helpful and great valueabl for any person and civilians. What different person and civilians read this constitution of india..”

Khan’s apps have been downloaded by over two millions of Android users.

Imran apparently started the software development in 2005. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Khan read some of the IT books left behind at home by his brother and he found interesting. “My younger brother, Idrees, left his books at home after he bagged a job at a Gurgaon software firm. He had completed his B Tech in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Alwar. As I was free after school, I began looking up those books. I learnt HTML and designed a website,” he told the newspaper.

The conditions under which permission to shoot documentary Nirbhaya

New Delhi: The furore statement over Nirbhaya rape convict Mukesh came to the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was forced to make a statement about why permission was given to shoot a documentary.

In response to the shock, Rajnath Singh said the filmmaker Leslee Udwin challenged the conditions under which it was given permission to shoot her. Rajnath also added that the “certificate of conformity was given by the Ministry of the Home Affairs in 2013.”

The conditions, as stated by the Home Minster are:

  1. The approval of the authorities of Tihar Jail be taken to publish research or to release the documentary being made exclusively for social purposes without any commercial interest conveyed.
  2. To interview those convicted prisoners who will give their written consent.
  3. The complete unreleased material session file will be the prison authorities to ensure that no violation of prison security.

The documentary includes an interview of one of the defendants in the case Nirbhaya. “This came to the attention of prison authorities to permit conditions so on violation legal notice was issued to filmmaker in April 7, 2014 to return the previously unseen archive material and does not show the film.”

“Subsequently, the film was presented to the authorities and noted that it represents the comments was very dismissive. He also noted that the edited version was shown to the authorities and not one unedited. He therefore asked to provide more unedited version of the film, “Rajnath said in Rajya Sabha.

He added that after it came to notice of the government that the BBC 4 is scheduled to televise the documentary on March 8, 2014, the government has taken necessary legal action and obtained an injunction from the court, for not to air the film.

He said the government condemns the incident on December 16 and said he would not allow any attempt by an individual, group or organization for commercial gain.