New Delhi: The furore statement over Nirbhaya rape convict Mukesh came to the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was forced to make a statement about why permission was given to shoot a documentary.

In response to the shock, Rajnath Singh said the filmmaker Leslee Udwin challenged the conditions under which it was given permission to shoot her. Rajnath also added that the “certificate of conformity was given by the Ministry of the Home Affairs in 2013.”

The conditions, as stated by the Home Minster are:

  1. The approval of the authorities of Tihar Jail be taken to publish research or to release the documentary being made exclusively for social purposes without any commercial interest conveyed.
  2. To interview those convicted prisoners who will give their written consent.
  3. The complete unreleased material session file will be the prison authorities to ensure that no violation of prison security.

The documentary includes an interview of one of the defendants in the case Nirbhaya. “This came to the attention of prison authorities to permit conditions so on violation legal notice was issued to filmmaker in April 7, 2014 to return the previously unseen archive material and does not show the film.”

“Subsequently, the film was presented to the authorities and noted that it represents the comments was very dismissive. He also noted that the edited version was shown to the authorities and not one unedited. He therefore asked to provide more unedited version of the film, “Rajnath said in Rajya Sabha.

He added that after it came to notice of the government that the BBC 4 is scheduled to televise the documentary on March 8, 2014, the government has taken necessary legal action and obtained an injunction from the court, for not to air the film.

He said the government condemns the incident on December 16 and said he would not allow any attempt by an individual, group or organization for commercial gain.

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