Increasing the market share by targeting online users is the way companies opting nowadays.It helps them to increase engagement and customer retention too.

Taking the benefit of digital media, companies trying to fool its customer sometimes.

Talking to a human in customer care is a challenge nowadays.To cut down cost and to optimize the process IVR’s are installed which is often irritating.

Recently, Karthik Srinivasan, a Bengaluru-based digital marketer, received an email from HDFC bank on which he raised the question.

The email he received was part of HDFC email campaign which was sent to many at a time.

Through email, he was automatically enrolled into a service which he never asked or opted for.

Is it not odd to have opt-out option on a forced paid service rather than opt-in option?

He is absolutely right “Most people do not even open the mail or miss reading the fine print at the bottom”.

He initiated  Twitter Campaign Against HDFC Bank Charging Its Users A Hidden Fee Through Its Emails by deciding to tweet about it “every single day till the end of 2017” until HDFC Bank apologised.

Srinivasan is big on Twitter, with 27,000 followers.

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This is the one misleading program but there can be many which are filling the pocket of business tycoons or helping them to raise the stock values by showing growth in business on papers.

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