Electricity bills are heavy toll to pocket as the price per unit is not cheap.

Since years every one talks about it’s saving and opting other sources.

The evolution of light from Thomas Edison’s Bulb to CFL and then LED, objective were the same, better light and less electricity consumption.

But no one talks about fan which in a tropical country like India, fans have been the greatest source of comfort during harsh summers.

Ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, and wall mounted fans are the most commonly used fans in India, and are an integral part of a typical Indian household. Imagine the amount of electricity these fans are consuming.

IIT-Bombay alumni’s startup Atomberg Technologies is doing great job in this field and helping to save electricity.

By the use of Super Efficient BLDC Motor (brushless DC electric motor) they are building fans which saves upto 65% on electricity bills.

Prime Minister & Niti Aayog invited Atomberg in the “Champions of Change” event where the Prime Minister interacted with a select few startups.

They also won the Best on Campus award for it’s innovative product i.e Atomberg Fans.

All its variant are available on Flipkart and Amazon.

For After-sale-service there are more than than 300 service centers across India.

They do have phone and chat support.

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