India’s Ecommerce War – Flipkart Vs. Amazon

Ever since Flipkart and Amazon acquired funding for their operations in India last July, it was quite clear that they were going head to head. Flipkart and Amazon are India’s biggest players in the ecommerce industry and are only slightly rivalled by Snapdeal. They are also notoriously known for their open rivalry which has led to many interesting events in the last few years. But of all of them, two are the most popular and entertaining events to have occurred.

The Funding War

 On 31st December, Flipkart announced that it has accumulated funds equalling to USD 1 billion. This made it one of India’s biggest investment propositions at the time. The next day it was all over the headlines of every newspaper and channel as it was for the first time an ecommerce firm that was Indian, was able to take things to such a level. Then came the next big surprise, Amazon announced a day later that they would be investing USD 2 billion in India, twice that of Flipkart. Now the news was all over the situation saying Amazon’s investment proves a direst rivalry between the two brands at a whole new level.

Amazon said they saw immense potential in India and wanted to expand and get serious in the country. To them, India was one of the fastest countries to gross a sales of a billion dollars. This investment was to set up better platforms for innovation and management in such a high potential location.

Flipkart said their goal was to be like Alibaba in China. Alibaba is China’s home online retailer and is the biggest in the country. They are so well established that they are able to stay on the top while keeping global competitors at bay. Flipkart wants to retain their number one position in India and not allow global giants like Amazon to overtake them.

The Social Media War

 February 20th this year, Twitter exploded when Reddit posted a picture of an Amazon carton laying in the corner of a Flipkart office. They posted the pic saying, “even flipkart orders from amazon” and tagged the two company’s official accounts. Shortly after that, Flikart replied saying, “we recycled said packaging as our reception’s dustbin” by tagging Reddit India. To this Reddit posted, “Flipkart shots fired, Amazon your move”.


This reply by Flipkart instigated Amazon resulting in an interesting comeback by them saying, “there’s a bit of Amazon in every ecommerce company. #just saying.” It also became a very trending topic at the time. This entire episode just goes to show the intense rivalry between the two companies and how open they are about.
What’s next?

Well that we will have to wait and see. Flipkart still remains the leader in terms of traffic and sales. Amazon is still on the path to glory and is doing everything it can to overtake Flipkart. Their rivalry is sure to bring up more incidents like these in the coming future. Both of them have immense potential to succeed and will continue to do what they must, and that is certain.

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