At the moment, Sunny Leone’s estimated net worth maybe $2.5 million. The pornographic actress, model and business woman who is of Indo-Canadian descents has also ignited a lot of controversy within the movie industry with her dressing code, sexual exploits and sometimes funny remarks that conservatives find a little irritating. The porn-star basks in the glory of her beauty, enjoying lots of attention from both fans and critics. In fact, the Bollywood model has been voted as the most gorgeous woman in India for 2015.

Birth and Early Life

Born on the 13th of May 1981, the smashing woman grew up in the serene Canadian environment where she was spoilt as a child. She loved the cold in Canada during the winter months, making a bold use of it. As she came of age, everyone around her seemed to admire her gorgeous looks. Whenever anyone threw in a positive remark about her beauty, she felt quite proud, almost to the point of bursting.

With the knowledge that she had good looks and a fetching figure, Sunny decided to try her luck in the entertainment industry. Before getting onto the big screen, however, she had a short stint working at a German bakery. She also tried her hands at a Jiffy Lube before working at retirement and tax firm.

School and Acting Career

Sunny studied to be a pediatric nurse at Orange County. While there, she met an exotic dancer who was also a classmate. The lady introduced Sunny to an agent by the name John Stevens who later on introduced her to a photographer Jay Allen who worked for Penthouse Magazine. When asked to get a name to use, she decided to pick on Sunny. Leone was decided on by Bob Guccione who previously owned the Penthouse Magazine.

Sunny was declared the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. She also got to star in the movie, Pentagon Pets in Paradise alongside Kyla Cole and Tera Patrick. It was during the same year that she signed a contract that was to last for three years with Vivid Entertainment. It was while here that she began acting in pornographic movies and earning a fortune.

In 2007, Sunny again signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to act in six movies. Apart from acting, she has taken part in Vivid Comedy Tours. Being a model, she has taken part in Vivid Footwear Collections for the company too. Sunny has also taken part in promoting phones for the iPhone company where she signed deals to appear for them in non-nude photos. This has also fattened her paycheck tremendously.

Although most people agree that she is one of the hottest actresses on the big screen in India, sometimes she gets others a little ruffled by her sex scenes. In the film Ek Paheli Leela, she acts alongside Rajniesh Duggall where she will set the screen on fire with her co-actor. The film is a love story that portrays betrayal and romance.

Sunny Leone is definitely one of the most googled celebrities in Bollywood. The bold and strikingly beautiful porn-star still has a lot to offer the big screen. At the same time, there is so much she will continue to bag in her account.

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