It’s been 14 years since AB stepped into this support but now suddenly he comes up with the news of his retirement. We understand that it is so hard to imagine his cricket but still we would like you to celebrate his wonderful career.

Today we will talk about the things which majority of the people out there don’t know about AB de Villiers.

He loves Food

Players now a days do everything to remain fit even if it includes tasteless diet but the fittest player in the world is completely different from others. He never says “NO” to good food but he is a fitness maniac he spend a major part of the day in gym.

In an interview he revealed that he loves seafood and pasta and in drinks, he loves red wine.

He loves singing

In his autobiography he revealed that he had a childhood dream of making a music album. He became a superstar in the cricketing world but never gave up on that childhood dream.

In 2010, he made an album with the famous singer Ampie Du Preez. The name of the album was “Maak Jou Drome Waar.”

He is best at everything

Everything he touched has turned into gold. He has also captained the junior rugby team of South Africa, not only that he is a national badminton U-19 champion. His teteammatesay that he is also very good at football.

His awesomeness is not only limited to sports, he received a national medal from the late Nelson Mandela for a science project.

He does Charity

He regularly donates a fair amount of earnings to a foundation called “Make a difference foundation”. They help brilliant but poor students get admission in good schools and universities.

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