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Are you planning to take a flight to Bora Bora in search for some crystal clear waters and pristine beaches you will only find they’re located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific the island which is part of the Society Islands.

It is one of the most exotic places on earth surrounded by coral reefs perfect white sandy beaches and palm trees with a small population of a little over 10,000 people Bora Bora. It is highly visited by tourists and travelers every year. You’ve most probably heard about this travel destination from movies celebrities and travel bloggers and so on all the pictures the resorts the activities and the clear blue waters make you want to spend all of your money on this lavish destination for at least a week.

Grab your coconut water because we are going to tell things you didn’t know about Bora Bora

Number 1:

Overwater bungalows in Bora Bora are just as luxurious as hotels Bora Bora is by far one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world forget hotels and Airbnb s there are other accommodations that offer breathtaking views fine sand beach swarm clear water and fun activities to do all day long but taken to the next level one of the best experiences in Bora Bora is staying at an over water bungalow which are luxurious traditional villas sat over the water you get your own private little villa with an outdoor shower bedroom views of the ocean and water slides that go directly into the ocean what more could you ask for these kinds of bungalows which are very popular all over the island and we can’t imagine how beautiful it must be to live in one at least for one night hence since most resorts have these little bungalows over the water it’s no wonder that more people go to Bora Bora just to enjoy them

Number 2:

Bora Bora means firstborn in Tahitian French Polynesia was first in fact discovered by the Portuguese and Spanish sailors circa 1606 one century later British explorers arrived in the area – and founded a Protestant church that still stands tall to this day the French were a little more aggressive with their approach and managed to take over the entire archipelago and claim it the name of the island originates from the tuition language and it used to be poorer pora might a pora meaning created by the Gods it was often shortened to poor a poorer by the locals but some ended up pronouncing it bola bola or more often Bora Bora because the Tahitian dialects are so diverse when European explorers arrived to the island they thought the name was Bora Bora and that’s what they called it.

Number 3:

It is impossible to take a bad picture in Bora Bora the Internet can be a mischievous place pictures and descriptions can be exaggerated and  often bloggers are not very honest with their reviews if the trip was paid for or a part of a project if you look up Bora Bora you will only see great pictures the Blue Lagoon over water bungalows and amazing views how come well first in Bora Bora weather and light are your best friends and second there’s almost no pollution no office buildings no streetlights so even at night the sky and the atmosphere is clear the white sand and crystal-clear waters make up for such a beautiful scenery that even the worst photographer can take a good picture however as you can imagine pictures just don’t do it justice Bora Bora is a way better in person

Number 4:

Bora Bora is the best place for beach weddings honeymoons or proposals. Bora Bora is great if you want to relax swim in the Blue Lagoon or go hiking or just have a romantic getaway the island offers you privacy and all the services you need to make the moment special a proposal if you plan to get married here then keep in mind you’ll have to pay at least $8,000 per person and let’s not count the wedding dress suit accessories shoes or extra details more resorts and hotels offer special wedding packages but they don’t count for half of the things you’ll need such as the wedding menu video grapher or music

Number 5:

The islands economy runs exclusively on tourism taking a closer look to the map you’ll see that Bora Bora has a weird shape it’s not your typical Island shape there’s one part that looks like a fish that’s surrounded by islands and they form a lagoon in the middle of the island the most important industry in Bora Bora is tourism and coconuts most locals work on resorts and hotels restaurants and shops there’s also an airport on the island and boats if you want to visit other islands altogether tourists mostly Americans spend over 335 million dollars in Bora Bora each year with a normal holiday costing over eleven thousand dollars on average Bora Bora GDP is eight thousand dollars per capita which is not bad for an island with almost ten thousand locals

Number 6:

During World War two the US used the island as a supply base World War two ended officially on  September 2nd 1945 and although a lot of nations were involved the battle field was mostly based in Europe and some parts of Asia since the US was an ally of France they chose Bora Bora as one of their South Pacific supply bases throughout the island the Americans installed an oil depot air strips seaplane bases and they set up caliber guns at a couple of strategic points throughout the island to protect it against potential military attacks which thankfully never happened there are actually still seven of these cannons on the island which are now some of the main attractions of the region you can walk up to the gun points depending on your location or ask your hotels front desk assistant to help you with the transportation since there’s no fee and they’re available 24/7

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Number 7:

You can get hit or killed by a falling coconut like all French Polynesian islands Bora Bora is very safe local people are very nice and welcoming toward tourist and it seems like the whole island is designed to make you feel relaxed and loved there are no cars and no thieves in this heavenly place the only thing that can knock you down besides too many cocktails or a sunburn are coconuts falling from trees apparently almost 150 people are killed by falling coconuts each year according to the University of Florida Bora Bora exports coconuts and coconut based products so they have plenty of coconut trees everywhere you can safely enjoy coconut water on the beach but be careful when you walk back to your resorts and some might fall from the trees and hit you right in the head

Number 8:

It’s complicated to exchange money and they only accept Visa cards most people compare Bora Bora with heaven paradise and other great places for good reason the island is all of those things and more but since it’s so far away in the middle of the ocean they do have some restrictions and rules most tourists don’t know about until they get there one of them is currency some countries accept dollars or euros and a lot of credit cards but not Bora Bora they have their own currency the French Pacific franc and only three banks and one post office you can’t pay or withdraw money from any ATM and if you don’t have a Visa card if you want to exchange your money you have to have your original passport with you and Western Union only works Tuesdays and Wednesdays it’s best to do your research before you ruin your expensive holiday retreat

Number 9:

There is no public transportation on the island Bora Bora is a small island only 30.5 five square kilo meters and it lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean importing most things with a population so small it makes life very simple for the locals they can survive with little but not the tourists for the little needs they have they import them by plane or boat from oil to fruits vegetables and other items they need and can’t grow or produce on the island themselves there’s also no public transportation on the island so tourists will need to rent motorcycles or cars if there are accommodations don’t help them get from one point to another most hotels will offer shuttles and transportation though not much is needed for such a small island

Number 10:

Bora Bora won Villa is the most expensive accommodation on the island starting at fifty six thousand dollars per week accommodation is highly important when you go on holiday no matter what kind of traveler you are in Bora Bora what ever you choose to go to it’ll somehow be luxurious and nice most resorts and hotels offer four or five-star rooms and the best of services with spas gyms and entertainment one of the most expensive accommodations is the Bora Bora one Villa starting from 56,000 euros per week the private property offers exquisite services a private beach infinity pool tropical garden a private chef and five bedroom suites with the most beautiful designs if you’re a hotel kind of person then the Four Seasons it the best choice for you but be ready to pay one thousand one hundred and thirty one dollars per night and since we’re talking about expensive hotels and resorts

Number 11:

Some resorts will let you fish for your supper if you haven’t figured it out already Bora Bora is quite expensive and on top of that they don’t have a lot of restaurants the most famous one bloody marys restaurant which is a typical American restaurant will cost you at least sixty to eighty dollars per person for dinner if you don’t want to go there, there’s something even more interesting for you fishing that’s right you can fish in Bora Bora for your supper some resorts will even provide you with all the tools you need for this activity and then they’ll also make sure to cook your catch and serve it in the most lavish way possible we bet it tastes just like sweet success.

Number 12:

Everything is really expensive in Bora Bora some people like to travel on a budget some in groups and some in the most luxurious way possible if you want to visit BoraBora then you have to save at least $10,000 for your dreamy holiday BoraBora as well as other tropical islands have a tendency to offer top-notch five-star services making everything a little bit expensive accommodation starts a tone thousand dollars per night a dinner for two around 120 dollars a massage from 250 dollars and a yoga session from 120 dollars let’s not count your plane ticket and other activities such as snorkeling, paddle, boarding or fancy cocktails which are only $30 each not a budget friendly destination Pat is for sure.

Number 13:

You can swim with stingrays and sharks since you’re most probably traveling around the world to get to Bora Bora resorts will typically go the extra mile to make you feel and experience unique things we all cook exotic dishes crazy cocktails and provide fun activities so you never get bored of the sun sand and ocean but how could you one of the craziest and most fun activities is swimming with sharks and stingrays there are over 500 species of sea life living in the waters there so any kind of snorkeling would be fun especially when you get up close and personal to sharks and stingrays you can observe these amazing creatures in the crystal-clear waters up close being fed and make everlasting memories the activity is 100 percent safe and the price ranges from 80 to 100 dollars per person depending if you book directly through your resort or not

Number 14:

You can buy black pearls in Bora Bora. Bora Bora doesn’t have too much wildlife but sea life flowers lava stones and black pearls these precious pearls are exclusive to the region and the only ones that are naturally black aside from being extremely rare one black pearl can cost around $10,000 each so if you see a cheaper version they are not true or probably a poor quality there are however a few special shops where you can buy authentic black pearls usually the color shape and price is what gives it away number 15 there aren’t any poisonous spiders or snakes on the island even though Bora Bora is a tropical island you’ll see it’s actually quite different than most islands you’ve been on the whole archipelago was formed after a volcanic eruption making Bora Bora also reminiscent of an extinct volcano but it doesn’t have black sand beach sun like Southeast Asia New Zealand or Caribbean Bora Bora is extremely safe there are no venomous snakes on the island no deadly spiders the water is clear so you can see the fish there’s no crime rate no terrorists just smiling faces and heavenly places Bora Bora is probably even safer than your own hometown.

Number 16:

The way you put your flowers on your head will show your relationship status of course they greet people with flowers and often gift them wreaths of flowers and women will also use them to show their relationship status when they are tucked behind the left ear it means the wearer is taken when it’s worn behind the right ear it means the wearer is available and when it’s waved behind the head it means.

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